Handgards Full Line Catalog

Page 3 GLOVE LADDER The Handgards Glove Ladder is a model to our key glove categories, divided into three sections: good, better, and best. We introduce our disposable gloves in the best way to help customers match their needs with our offerings. Our disposable gloves are classified by the materials they are made of and the tasks they are designed for. • Grip Gards® gloves offer a second-skin fit when users size down one size • Diamond pattern texture for improved grip and dexterity • Ideal alternative to vinyl with increased elasticity • Available in powder-free • Available in clear and blue colors HYBRID GLOVES • Loose-fitting design for easy-on, easy-off use • Ideal when quick, frequent glove changes are required • Recommended for light tasks such as salad and sandwich prep • Available in powder-free and in clear and blue color • Made in the U.S.A. DOMESTIC POLY GLOVES • Your most economical alternative • Reliable performance for short-term use applications when frequent glove changes are required • Not recommended to use around heat or hot surfaces • Available in powder-free POLY GLOVES • Provides a snug and comfortable fit with increased touch sensitivity • Ideal for tough tasks including processing of meats, fish, and poultry • Available in lightly powdered and powder-free • UltraTouch sensitivity and soothing aloe options available • Available in white, blue/purple and green colors SYNTHETIC GLOVES • Form-fitting design that increases flexibility for comfort • Offer improved dexterity and touch sensitivity • Ideal for handling and prepping hot menu items • Available in lightly powdered and powder-free • Available in clear, blue, and black color for a unique professional look VINYL GLOVES • Design with a loose-fitting form for easy-on and easy-off use • Made of a compostable material that reduces landfill waste when composted properly • Made in the U.S.A. to reduce overall transportation emissions • Available in powder-free • Durable material and translucent green color COMPOSTABLE GLOVES • A premium, puncture-resistant (not puncture-proof) alternative to latex • For high-skill tasks, including breaking down rawmeats and deboning fish • Available in powder-free • Available in black, blue, white, purple and translucent colors NITRILE GLOVES • High form-fitting design with excellent flexibility • Provides improved dexterity and superior touch sensitivity • Recommended for precise work including slicing and chopping • Available in ivory color • Available in lightly powdered or powder-free LATEX GLOVES* * These products contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Users who are sensitive to latex should avoid contact and consider alternatives. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use, avoid further contact with this product and consult a physician • Made of a hybrid nitrile and vinyl blend • Flexible, lightweight form-fitting design for improved dexterity • High-quality and economical Latex alternative • Available in powder-free • Available in dark blue, light blue and black color for a unique professional look VITRILE GLOVES NITRILE LATEX* SYNTHETIC VINYL COMPOSTABLE HYBRID DOMESTIC POLY POLY GOOD BETTER BEST VITRILE PRODUCT LINE FEATURES GLOVES