Handgards Full Line Catalog

Page 2 WHO WE ARE WE ARE MORE THAN A GLOVE COMPANY For over 60 years Handgards has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality food grade disposable products to the foodservice industry. We managed to position ourselves as the leader in food safety innovations by providing products that address your food safety needs. Our leadership role in the industry has emerged by supplying the broadest menu of disposable products and fromour manufacturing capabilities and flexible processes that are adjusted according to our customers’ requirements. From disposable gloves and pan liners to food storage bags and foodservice expendables and apparel, we cover any back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house needs. Our unparalleled knowledge has made us a valued resource that our customers turn to for food safety products and guidance. Our mission is to deliver the right product, for the right task, at the right price and to give the end-user the extra protection needed. We work closely with restaurant operators and their leadership to continue learning firsthand what our customers need. The focus of our business is to strengthen our service and manufacturing solutions by providing knowledgeable and useful resources and products to our customers. Our supply chain supports our customers by implementing efficient strategies to speed up our manufacturing and delivery operations. We have distributions centers in West Texas and Ohio that allow a quick turnaround time for products to be delivered on-time and complete. We are committed to the quality of our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and community; therefore, we take things a step further to exceed – rather than just meet expectations.