Handgards Full Line Catalog

Page 13 FOOD STORAGE - PAN LINERS Pan Liners Handgards pan liners can save time and money for your establishment while also improving the quality of your food. Our pan liners can eliminate labor intensive jobs such as scrubbing and scouring baked-on foods. They also make your food safer since the food never touches the pan. This prevents any chance of surface contamination. Ovenable Pan Liners Ovenable Pan Liners and Ovenable Roasting Bags are made of nylon material that can withstand temperatures of up to 400 °F (204°C). These pan liners are used to cook, serve, and store food. Steam Pan Liners Steam Pan Liners are made of high-density polyethylene material that can withstand temperatures of up to 220°F (104°C). They are used to hold, transport, and serve food from steam pans. For optimal results it is recommended that you follow your own procedure or process when testing food items. Costs to clean without Example Enter your information Employee hourly wage and benefits $8.85 Employee cost per minute $0.15 Cost to clean/wash a pan at 6 min/pan $0.90 Estimated cost of energy, chemicals, water, plumbing and equipment $0.12 Total cost to clean a pan $1.02 Cost to clean with Cost to clean with liner 1/4 minute x $0.15= $0.04 Pan liner average resale cost $0.33 Total $0.37/pan 64% REDUCTION IN COST • Cook, bake, and roast up to 400°F (204°C ). • Safe to go directly from freezer to microwave, steam table, slow cooker, or oven. • Non-closeable Ovenable Pan Liners are perfect for baking, warming, transporting, and serving. • Ovenable Roasting Bags retain food moisture for better quality. • For better results add ¼” of water to pan before cooking. • Perfect for steam table warmers, food warmers, slow cookers and soup pots. • Maximum temperature of 220°F (104°C ). • Go direct from freezer to microwave. • Available to fit all standard steam pan sizes. • For better results add ¼” of water to pan before cooking. • THESE PAN LINERS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR USE IN OVENS STEAM PAN LINERS OVENABLE PAN LINERS AND OVENABLE ROASTING BAGS PAN LINERS