Handgards Full Line Catalog

Page 12 MADE IN THE U.S.A. Our “Made in the U.S.A.” product offering represents our manufacturing capabilities and supports American consumers that prefer domestically made products. It also creates a less environmental impact by complying with regulations that may not exist in other countries, reinforces the economy, and makes our communities stronger. Our manufacturing and distribution solutions guarantee product value, exceptional service, and efficient distribution channels that deliver your products on-time and complete. Our manufacturing facility is in El Paso, Texas where each pair of Poly gloves, Compostable gloves, Pan Liners, and other food grade products are manufactured and distributed. DOMESTIC PRODUCTS Poly Gloves Compostable Gloves High-Density Food Storage Bags High-Density Reclosable Bags Low-Density Poly Aprons Low-Density Poly Bibs Pan Liners High-Density Remote-Control / Silverware Bags Cook Chill Bags MADE IN THE U.S.A. PRODUCTS FIRST IN FOODSERVICE INNOVATIONS At Handgards, we fully comply with FTC regulations when claiming and labeling our domestic products as “Made in the U.S.A.” Each product is carefully detailed, manufactured, and tested before being distributed. We work closely with American suppliers that provide corrugated packaging for our domestic product line that is made of at least two-thirds of sustainable sources that comply with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification (SFI). By partnering with other businesses, we are contributing to a stronger economy and reducing our product transport emissions. Our American made products guarantee quality and ensure customer satisfaction. Coates, Rosemary. “Americans Say They Prefer Products Made In USA and Will Pay More For Them.” Recently Filed RSS, 29 Sept. 2020, www.scmr.com/article/americans_say_they_prefer_products_made_in_usa_and_will_pay_more_ for_them.